Transdev Montesson - La Boucle

Transports du Grand Longwy

Vectalia Béziers

Car Postal - Bassin de Thau


Transdev TVO

Keolis CIF

Limoges TCL - Europ Voyages

Transdev Cars d'Orsay

Keolis Touraine


TPF Fribourg

Keolis Seine Essonne

Keolis Meyer

Compagnie des Transports du Yonnais CTY

Keolis Atlantique

Keolis Drôme Ardèche

Ratpdev Trappes - Cars Perrier

Keolis Chambéry - Synchrobus

Keolis Versailles - Phébus

T2C - Clermont Ferrand

Mobilité Bourgogne Franche Comté - MBFC

RATPDev Saint Malo

Voyages Lefort

Avenir Atlantique

Régie des Transports Métropolitains - RTM

Transdev STAO

Keolis Val de Saône

Keolis Monts Jura

Transdev TRA

Transdev Nemours

Keolis Porte des Alpes

Keolis Orléans Métropole

Transdev Darche Gros

Voyages Couchouron

Keolis Transports Robert

Keolis Eschenlauer

Transdev Var

Cars Lacroix


July 2017
RATP partenaire
July 2017

RATP Innovation Winner at Viva Technology

Each year, RATP awards the most promising start-ups in the mobility sector.

December 2018
IGEU partenaire
December 2018

IGEU partner

The program Initiatives Grandes Ecoles et Université supports entrepreneurs with innovative projects incubated in one of the partner schools of the program.

January 2019
Wilco partenaire
January 2019

WILCO start-up accelerator program

Wilco is a French state support program for start-ups.


FlexNav is the first ever GPS designed for the constraints of the bus. Increase the performance of your public transport network by allowing drivers to navigate all lines even without prior knowledge of the route.

Geolite is the first operating and traveler information system that can manage a bus network in real time thanks to an instant sharing of information between drivers, operators and users, and a GPS designed for the constraints of the bus.

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